Fräulein Marianne Döpp

Freulein Marianne Döpp

She is full of energy and her favorit toy is the bar stool.
Her main profession is to be the assistent from Madame Mariann Guiash... (look at streetshow).
But there exist a life without the Diva and thats when the old lady really explodes.

Optimistic, honest, direct, naive and curious is her way with mankind and with her very very understandable and lovely behavier she can even steal a smile from the lips of a grumpy old man.
But the audience really falls into wondering when she makes the transition into Marie Claire Dö'pression. This woman mixes Humor and erotic, arrogance and slapstick in a wonderful dance and juggle number around the bar stool. Two hearts beat in her cheast: housewive or lady , Spätzle or Caviar, Döpp or Dö'pression...

In this woman you can find, the mother, the wife, the lover, the bitch and the godess.

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