Bobarino meets flamme fatale

The Big Underwear Fire Institution

Bobarino meets flamme fatale At the beginning one single tree is standing on the stage, a metal tree, sharp, cubistic, mysteriously.
Bobarino appears, setting everything on fire that crosses his path - even the tree.
The tree becomes alive, and separates in two half’s, trails Bobarino and takes him captive. But Bobarino is able to escape.

Out of the trees come to light Flamme Fatale, fans of fire in their hands, balancing fire sticks on their heads. That’s the prelude of Flamme Fatale’s dance.

You nearly believe they are floating in the air, by the flames licking above their heads – so graceful and melting are their movements to the music.

Cheeky and lightheaded, Bobarino makes fun of them; juggles first with burning rackets, later with a magic–stick.
Flamme Fatale enter stage again; now their stick-dance is flat and rapid. Burning properties, thrown by hand and feed, are rolling over their bodies – the audience feels the fire and the women’s heat.
In the background the metal trees are standing in flames – among them Bobarino, wearing a glaring red wrap and a stetson; the sound of Bonanza music drifts through the air and the long rope falls.
Clothed with a string tanga, he wheels round a flaming lasso of fire.
Both of the women have changed to cow–girls going dancing, like background–dancers are obliged to do ...

... Fire-skipping-rope.

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