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"A real highlight of the programme. Body control, charm and a fair share of eroticism mesmerised the audience.
A breathtaking show that raised the temperature in the Marquee by a few degrees"
"At the end of the two hour show, Flamme Fatale dazzled with a stunning fire dance that encapsulated their very personal mixture of technique and aestetic."
Schwäbische Zeitung
"Simply breath-taking is the only way to describe the fire number from Flamme Fatale.
To misterious rythms, the two artistes juggle their long torches Sending a shiver down the spine of the audience in the process." Tanz mit dem Feuer
Wiler Zeitung
"Wow, what an ending! During the remarkable aestetic display by Flamme Fatale, the entranced audience almost forgot to breathe"
Thurgauer Zeitung
"Let´s see what this is all about" mumbled a lady mockingly in the Friedrichshafen Audience.
However, as the two berliners began their performance the sceptics were in for a surprise. in a consistently laid back manner the duo presented their artistic offering. Wether through juggling or balancing, the audience was soon made aware that these two women were professionals.With charming jokes and friendly words the duo managed to win over the crowd; highpoint of there act being a dance duel with a Vodka bottle and glass for which the audience rewarded them heartfelt applause.
After being together for four years, Flamme Fatale are living proof that street acrobatic doesn´t have to be boring.
...Amusing too were Flamme Fatale. Yesterday´s rain flattened their coiffures which added something extra raunchy to their unusual tango around a Vodka bottle.
The playful and danceful duel looked great all the same; curious body language performed very tightly and with every movement hitting the target.
Schwäbische Zeitung
... A "Flamme Fatale" enters the stage, sweeps away the suitcase and begins, along with her partner, a muscular but highly erotic struggle over a vodka bottle.
It goes to and fro a good while, high heels clattering, a russian tango playing in the background, while the two ladies jostle and drink. The Tango starts to grind down, it slows down horribly until one of the two ladies has to drag her inebriated partner from the stage. The fatal Flammes produce the crowning climax. In revealing dark blue outfits they offer a fire dance.
The air begins to crackle and that isn´t just the result of the flames.
taz Bremen